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Comments on Profile Post by TeamPurple

  1. TeamPurple
    I was stranded every night and the trans made the mafioso hit the bmer.It came down to N7 with 7 people left 1 Mafia 1 arso (thought was bg at the time) 1 doc, 1 trans, 1 exe(they had already won there part) Me (mayor) and 1 retri
    Mar 25, 2018
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  2. TeamPurple
    The arso incinerated everyone but me and him. He was hella triggered as I had higher vote power than him. He thought he doused me but trans saved my life I guess.and I won

    Probably doesn't seem like much to you guys but it was insane for me as Evil had a high killing potential.
    Town also had no investigative roles and N1 the only Town killing died.
    Mar 25, 2018
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  3. TeamPurple
    If anyone cares all the roles were
    Executioner (Died N7
    Escort (Died N1)
    Transporter (Died N7)
    Mayor ( Lived
    Blackmailed (Died N5)
    Mafioso (Died N7)
    Framer (Died n2)
    Disguiser (Hung D7)
    Vigilante (Died n2)
    Arsonist (Hung D8)
    Doctor (Died n4)
    Retributionist (Died N7)
    Amnesiac ( Turned Doc - Lived)
    Werewolf (Hung D3
    Lookout (Died N2)
    Mar 25, 2018
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  4. lordslaughter20
    I still wanna play town of Salem with a bunch of people from the pmmc community
    Mar 25, 2018