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Important Ban Appeal Template (READ BEFORE APPEALING)

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Soup, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. Soup

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    When creating a ban appeal we ask that you follow this template:

    Title of the thread:
    IGN's Ban Appeal
    The only thing that needs to be changed there is the IGN, which you will replace with your minecraft username.

    The thread:
    IGN: Put the IGN you had when you were banned from the server.
    Why are you banned: Put the reason you are banned here, you can find out why you are banned by trying to rejoin our server.
    Why should we unban you: Here you will put why you think we should unban you. Having evidence of the time you were banned may help you in your case. (Honesty and effort is key when writing this section of a ban appeal)
    Who banned you: Put the name of the staff member that banned you, you can which staff member banned you by trying to rejoin our server. (You can tag the staff member by doing @<TheirForumName>)


    Here is a template for you to copy and use:

    Why are you banned:
    Why should we unban you:
    Who banned you:


    Rules when creating your ban appeal:
    • You must follow this template when creating your ban appeal. Failure to do so will result in an instant denial.
    • Asking staff members to view your ban appeal will result in an instant denial. Making a decision on a ban appeal can sometimes take time because we have to get hold of the staff who banned you and see if there is any evidence. Decisions on appeals can sometimes take up to 1 week so please be patient.
    • If you lie in your ban appeal it will also result in it being denied.
    • You may post 1 ban appeal per ban every 30 days.
    • Posting 2 ban appeals for the same ban, will cause the second to be instantly denied.
    • Posting 3 appeals for the same ban, will result it in being instantly denied, and you being forum banned.
    • Posting comments such as: "If I get unbanned I will donate" or "I didn't hack it was my brother on my account" will not encourage us to unban you.
    • If you claim your sibling used your account to hack, it will still be denied, as your account is your responsibility.
    • You are not allowed to post more than 1 ban appeal for the same ban every 30 days. If you make two ban appeals, they will both result in instant denial.
    Notes about Temporary bans:
    • If you are appealing for a temporary ban for that is less than 7 days in duration you MUST have evidence that you are innocent, or your appeal will be denied.
    Notes about Permanent bans:
    • If your ban appeal gets accepted your ban will be reduced to 7 days of which you must wait out.
    • If your ban appeal gets accepted because of faulty evidence, you will be unbanned as soon as possible.
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