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Ladies and Gentlemen...

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Nick, Sep 9, 2018.


Cool game?

  1. Yes

    6 vote(s)
  2. Good idea, can be different tho (say how)

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  3. Good, but wait a long time (8+ months) so mci can live

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  4. bad idea kys nick ur so bad lmao ez

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  1. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2016
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    Climbing the ladder for woof king
    I present to you,


    Wait... isn't this server about mci now?
    Well, yes. However, a server should have at least more than 1 game. Also, it should be released a couple of months after mci 3.0, to allow time for updates.

    2 teams of 12 would be separated into their respective bases, and collect resources. They would then use those resources to purchase equipment. Killing an enemy would drop a head, which you can then return to your base to earn 1 point per head. First team to get 100 heads wins. If you have a head in your inventory and then die, you will also drop that head along with your own head.

    This will be an outline of the maps layout




    I have actually made an example (low quality) map: Warzone (can give download link if ppl want it)

    Similar to HeadHunters, HeadHunters v2 will have classes. However, classes will be a bit more defined instead of just equipment.
    Each class will have kit items, an ability, an ultimate, and a passive, with a total of 8 different classes.

    Description: A basic class with decent effectiveness in every area.
    Kit: Iron Sword, Golden Leggings, Iron Pickaxe
    Ability: [Charge] Receive speed II 3 seconds. Your next attack after activating this ability deals +1 damage
    (10 second cooldown)
    Passive: [Fighter] Each hit against an enemy deals adds +.2 damage to your attacks. After not hitting an enemy for 3 seconds will reset the extra damage (stackable to +1)
    Ultimate: [Berserk] For 10 seconds, Receive speed II, deal +50% Damage and take -40% damage

    Description: Tankiest class in the game, a Heavy can take a punch to give a punch!
    Kit: Wooden sword (Sharpness I), Iron Chestplate (Protection I), Iron Pickaxe
    Ability: [Stand Ground] Receive slowness II and resistance I for 4 seconds. You also receive no knockback during this time (20 second cooldown)
    Passive: [Juggernaut] Heal 3 hearts upon getting a kill
    Ultimate: [Final Form] Transform yourself into an iron golem and turn your hearts into absorption hearts. Whilst you are alive you take -60% damage and every time you hit someone you deal 1 true damage in a 3x3 radius of the enemy you hit. Each enemy damaged by your melee or AOE damage receives slowness I for 1 second. Once you run out of your absorption hearts (die) your ultimate ends.

    Description: Not very talented with a sword, an archer pelts the enemy with a rain of arrows for the kill
    Kit: Bow (Power I, Sharpness III), Leather Helmet (Projectile Protection II), Iron Pickaxe
    Ability: [Quickshot] Left clicking your bow will launch a low charged arrow which deals 2 true damage and inflicts slowness II for 2 seconds (5 second cooldown, uses up an arrow)
    Passive: [Salvaging] Receive 1 arrow every 5 seconds, with a max of 10. Killing an enemy drops 5 coal and 3 iron ingots
    Ultimate: [Arrow Rain] Designate a 5x5 area, then launch 100 arrows into the air which come down in that area. Each arrow that hits an enemy deals 4 damage over a 5 second time period

    Description: Very weak, but high damage and AOE potentional
    Kit: Blaze Rod (+5.5 Damage, fire aspect I), Leather Chestplate (Fire Protection X), Iron Pickaxe
    Ability: [Fireball] Launch a fireball which explodes in a 3x3 radius. All enemies damaged receive 2 true damage, small knockback, and are lit on fire for 2 seconds (15 second cooldown)
    Passive: [Magician] Every enemy on fire nearby grants +.3 attack damage (max of +1.5)
    Ultimate: [Apocalypse] For the next 7 seconds, you launch fire out of your mouth. Each second you launch 3 fire projectiles, each dealing 1 true damage and lighting the enemy on fire for 1 second (stackable)

    Description: An Alchemist can turn the tides of the battle with his supportive potions
    Kit: Wooden Shovel (+4.5 Damage), Chain Leggings, Brewing Stand, Iron Pickaxe
    Ability: [Alchemy] Clicking your brewing stand will give you 2 random potions, which could be the following:
    20% - Splash potion of regeneration II (8 seconds)
    20% - Splash potion of poison II (6 seconds)
    20% - Splash potion of speed II (5 seconds)
    20% - Splash potion of resistance I (4 seconds)
    20% - Splash potion of instant harming II
    (15 second cooldown, maximum of 5 potions in your inventory at once)
    Passive: [Reciprocal Aid] All positive potion effects given to teammates you also receive for the full duration
    Ultimate: [Overdose] Launch 5 instant harming II potions and 5 instant healing II potions. You are not harmed by instant harming potions

    Description: Master of head collecting, the hunter has an uncanny ability to find and kill enemies
    Kit: Stone Sword (sharpness I), Bow (Power I), Arrows x12, Leather Boots (Protection I, Feather Falling I), Iron Pickaxe, Compass
    Ability: [Tracker] Click your compass to track the nearest enemy player, which also shows the distance away from you (15 second cooldown)
    Passive: [Headhunter] The enemy tracked on your compass receives +20% from you
    Ultimate: [Mark of the Wolf] Summon 5 wolfs complete with 10 hearts, speed II, and dealing 4 untrue damage each

    Description: The Assassin excels at hiding and sneaking into enemy lines without being noticed
    Kit: Iron Sword, Bow, Arrow x6, Iron Pickaxe
    Ability: [Leap] Launch yourself 8 blocks forward and 5 blocks up. You take no fall damage and receive speed I for 3 seconds upon landing (20 second cooldown)
    Passive: [Backstab] Attacks to an enemy's back deals +50% damage
    Ultimate: [Camouflage] Turn completely invisible for a maximum of 15 seconds. During this time you receive speed III. Your next attack deals double damage and will deactivate your ultimate

    Description: The Necromancer harnesses the power of their dead opponents to do her bidding
    Kit: Diamond Hoe (+5 damage), Chain Chestplate, Iron Pickaxe
    Ability: [Summon] Spawn 2 skeletons with a leather helmet and stone sword
    Passive: [Life Steal] Each attack on an enemy grants you regen II for .5 seconds (stackable) Killing an enemy gives you 2 absorption hearts
    Ultimate: [Black Magic] Launch an orb with explodes in a 5x5 area upon impact. The explosion deals 2 true damage to all enemies in the area and inflicts blindness for 3 seconds. Each player (enemy and friendly) in the impact spawns a skeleton with a leather helmet and stone sword (example: if I hit 2 enemies and 1 friendly with the orb, it summons 3 skeletons)

    Shopkeepers and mining ores??? what is this??
    Along with your kit items, you are able to mine ores to gain currency which can buy stronger items. You would spawn in a base with coal and iron ore, with a gold mine to your left. Mining an ore would give you 3 of that ingot. You could then buy armor/weapons/potions to get more kills. The game is not aimed for you to be mining for half the time, but aimed for a little side activity to increase your power.


    The trades from the shopkeeper will be the following:
    8 coal → golden chestplate
    6 coal → golden leggings
    20 coal → iron chestplate
    14 coal → iron leggings
    5 coal → iron boots
    10 diamonds → diamond chestplate
    6 diamonds → diamond leggings
    4 diamonds → diamond boots

    2 iron → stone sword
    8 iron → iron sword
    6 diamonds → diamond sword
    10 iron → bow
    3 iron → 3x arrow

    4 gold → golden apple
    3 gold → regen I potion (20 seconds)
    4 gold → speed I potion (30 seconds)
    1 gold → bottle o' enchanting
    7 gold → instant healing III potion (full heal)

    Something to note is that an enchantment table would be at every base so players could get weak enchants (prot I, sharp I). You also do not get experience from mining ore

    Ores would respawn over time, to allow a constant stream of gear. Below are the amount of ores in each area and respawn times
    Coal ore → 24 ore in each base, 20 second respawn time
    Iron ore → 16 ore in each base, 30 second respawn time
    Gold ore → 6 ore in each mine, 25 second respawn time
    Diamond ore → 3 in mid, 60 second respawn time

    HeadHunters v2 would have a progression system, levels. Killing players, getting assists, redeeming heads, winning, and participation would give you xp. The max level would be level 100. I do not have any plans to have prestiges. Each level would either give you a new class, command, or cosmetic. (These numbers are up to change)

    Kill → 25 XP
    Assist → 15 XP
    Redeeming Head → 40 XP
    Win → 250 XP
    Participation → 100 XP

    Leveling up values would be simple, starting at 1000, there would be an equation: [Past level's XP requirement x 1.1 = This level's XP requirement]
    Level 1: 1000XP
    Level 2: 1100XP
    Level 3: 1210XP
    Level 4: 1331XP
    Level 5: 1464XP

    Level 0: Soldier Class
    Level 5: Heavy Class
    Level 10: Archer Class
    Level 20: Wizard Class
    Level 30: Alchemist Class
    Level 35: Hunter Class
    Level 40: Assassin Class
    Level 50: Necromancer Class

    Playing for certain amounts of time multiplies your xp earning
    30 Minutes → 10% increased XP Gain
    60 Minutes → 20% increased XP Gain
    90 Minutes → 30% increased XP Gain
    120 Minutes → 40% increased XP Gain
    Logging off for more than 5 minutes resets your time

    Instead of cookie boosters, there would be XP Multipliers
    An XP Multiplier would add +100% XP gain to all players for 1 game. The players can tip the person who used the XP multiplier to get 50XP and give the user 50XP

    The following are the chaos to XP conversions: (numbers are up to change)
    10 chaos → 400XP
    40 chaos → 2000XP

    EDIT: I forgot to explain ultimates

    When you spawn in, you have an orange dye item in your 9th slot. To get your ultimate you must deal 100 hearts of damage to enemies total. Once you get the 100 hearts you get a message saying "your ultimate is ready", and you can click the dye to activate it

    I'm probably missing some facts, but eh whatever
    any ideas/balancing are nice
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
  2. chessgeek10

    chessgeek10 Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2015
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    It's rare that I see a decent gamemode idea, and I'm very picky about these things. Not sure about the specifics, but the overview seems to be a combination of good aspects from multiple games I'm familiar with.
    If you started a server with this game, I'd play it.

    The problem is, with the rise of games like Fortnite, Minecraft multiplayer and servers are in decline. Since they're taking huge losses in player counts, it makes it hard to expand into new gamemodes. On the rare chance that MCI 3.0 thrives for a full 8 months, I still don't think additional games would be the right move.

    What I'm saying is that you've designed the basis for an awesome game that I'd like to see implemented elsewhere.
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  3. TeamPurple

    TeamPurple The Purpatraitor (Mod)

    Nov 1, 2015
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    You can find me MCI_and_Chilling
    QLD, Australia
    Skullhunters* and yeah was in works at one point never happened
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  4. Rod337

    Rod337 Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2015
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    Squids cleaning lady
    Home Page:
    I guess since I don't know what this is based off I have no idea what the game is about... Sounds like you spawn in a map where you can mine and also kill people? Its based on teams so do you have to complete objectives or is it based on kills? How do you win? Do you respawn? It seems like you just came up with a shop/leveling system and forgot to explain the actual game.

    Never mind it was in the web of spoilers.
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