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Important [Read before posting] Map submission template!

Discussion in 'Map Submissions' started by BritishBear, Nov 1, 2015.

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  1. BritishBear

    BritishBear Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2015
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    Store Operative at Homebase
    United Kingdom
    When submitting a map we ask that you follow this simple template to help make our jobs easier, and make your posts look neater :)

    Title of the thread.
    [Size of map/What the map is based off of] Map name - Builders name
    An example of this would be:
    [Small / Custom] CoolMap - BritishBear
    Your maps can be based off of any game, any real life structure, or anything your imagination can think of.

    The thread:
    Main creator of the map: (This is usually the person submitting the map)
    Name of the map: (The name of the map you are submitting
    Description of your map: (If your map has any back stories, it goes here)
    Pictures/Videos of the map: (This is where you put the images and/or videos showing off your map. We ask that you either create an Imgur album, or a YouTube video then post the links here to save the thread from being too long)
    Download link: (This is where you put the download link to your map. This is very important as this is how we get access to your map. You can use file sharing websites like MediaFire to upload your map, then post that link here. You can either upload the entire world file, or a schematic of the map itself(this is better for us).
    Extra information: (If there's anything else you would like us to know about your map, this goes here.
    Additional helpers: (This is where you can give credit to everyone else who helped with your map.


    Here's a template for you to copy and use:
    Main creator of the map:
    Name of the map:
    Description of the map:
    Pictures/Videos of the map:
    Download link:
    Extra information:
    Additional helpers:​


    Rules when submitting your map:
    • The map must be created by you and your team. Stealing other people's builds is plagiarism and we do not tolerate it. Your map will be denied and action upon you may be taken.
    • The map boundaries are decided by you when creating your map. We ask that before you submit your map you thoroughly go through your map and check that nobody can escape these boundaries.
    • There must be a sign in the map labelled "SPAWN". This is to go where you would like the spawn point of your map to be. In most cases this will be the spawns location, but if we feel like it would be better elsewhere, then we will move it.
    • Try and keep your map balanced. We do not want maps that are completely human sided/zombie sided. We want the maps to be equal for everyone so everyone has a fun experience playing on them if accepted.
    • Do not spam people to view your map. We understand that you may want people to view and leave feedback on your map, which is fine, but we do not want to catch you spamming people asking them to look at your map.
    • When attaching pictures or videos, please use the default texture pack with no shaders or renders so we can get an idea how it will look like for the majority of our players.
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  2. mattrick

    mattrick memetrick Administrator Developer

    Oct 29, 2015
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    Web Developer & Sometimes Java Developer
    Mom's Basement
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    I'd like to notify the future builders sharing maps that we have added a rule about texture packs, renders, and shaders in order to get a more accurate idea of what the map would look like in game. All maps that are currently submitted don't have to change their pictures, but any future maps should not use any of the things listed above. Thanks for your cooperation!
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