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Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by CREEPER__1, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. CREEPER__1

    CREEPER__1 Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2016
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    Meme Expert and Hentai Enthusiast
    On my gaming chair making PM-MC hentai and memes
    No Nut November has recently begun, and I'm sure many of you reading are participating along with myself. In the years past I have been hailed as a champion - for 7 straight years I have spent November as a chastitised Catholic. I hoped to continue this legacy. And last night, I failed.

    One as regal as I, failing? Impossible. Only God could achieve such power to stop me. I guess that night I was dealing with God.

    I'm on the YouTube homepage, trying to find some epic tiktok videos, when I stumble upon a certain video. This damn video. Its bright thumbnail, its captivating title - it utterly fascinated me. This cursed video: it was none other than “MCI 3.0?!?!? + Master Prestige III | Mcinfected 2.0 (Minecraft) | Episode 231”, posted by the one and only Agent40infinity.

    My body immediately began to shake, and my penis shot straight up. The most EPIC event EVER, MCI 3.0? What could it be? I felt a pull towards the video like I had never felt before. It took me awhile to realize the effect the video was having on me. I fell back in my chair in fear. In agony. In complete and utter despair.

    My hand instinctively grabbed the mouse and began to slowly slide over to the thumbnail. I kicked and screamed and cried, trying and failing to stop my body. Sweat was dripping down my entire body. Minutes later, the pointer had finally reached its destination. And with a cry, the hand that didn't feel like mine anymore clicked.

    I was immediately met with a scream. “HEY GUYS AGENT40 HERE AND WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER EPISODE OF MCINFECTED 2.0 ON THE PROJECT MAYHEM SERVER!” Purple light streamed from the computer monitor and began to fill the room. The voice on the screen continued talking, seemingly in an ancient tongue. My entire body began to quiver as something awakened inside of me. My speakers began to shake as something inside of them grew louder. Was this music? Or was this something else?

    The music finally picked up, and immediately, as Agent's intro began, I came harder and faster than I ever had before. The sensation rendered me unconscious. The last thing I remember seeing that night was my cum streaked over his minecraft skin.

    I woke up to a rising sun. My clothes were back on, my sweat was wiped away, and my penis was flaccid. I could finally see again. Was this all a dream? No, there’s no way. It felt too real.

    My suspicions were immediately crushed as I looked to the monitor. In a drunk stupor, it looks like I had changed my desktop background to a picture of Agent40's skin. He was staring into my heart - into my soul. And he was covered in my cum.

    So, guys, whatever you do, don’t watch Agent40's newest video. Anybody less powerful than I would surely be dead. Stay safe this November - deny MCI 3.0's death.

    I'm still going to finish the hentai and release a new meme video when I get time UwU, but the forums is dead so why not shitpost

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