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The Life Of Reece

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by InDstructable, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. InDstructable

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    Oct 1, 2017
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    england could float anywhere from europe
    I am writing this primarily due to a lot of people making their own life stories.

    P.S Before reading, don't expect some huge drama.

    I was born in Addenbrookes on august 30th 2003 and lived in a village called Fulbourn, I don't remember much about the house / village due to us moving when I was 4. The only few things I do remember was a dream where I was in my parents room, made one long ass jump over the bed, literally 1 side to the other in 1 jump and flew out the window. And then my other memory of that place was when I moved out, I remember packing up my small little plastic tool box and that's about it for Fulbourn.

    When we arrived at the new house, our neighbours were outside welcoming us into the village which was a great first impression for me. When we came into the house I remember seeing that our garden was a wreck, onions just in the ground, overgrown grass. Basically the garden was a rubbish dump. This was due to the fact that the previous owner of the house was a dad, when the dad died. The son was not at all happy that the house would not be given to him, so in hearing this news he decided to trash the place. We got the garden all fixed with a digger and that was that.

    One of the people that was waiting outside my house was a boy who was only 1 year older than me so we could connect fairly well. He was very interested in WWE and Football. You could tell that this influenced the way that he acted due to him having anger management issues and liking an aggressive sport. We would go round each others houses around once a week. We played on his XBOX 360, playing games like fifa, wwe and gta. This anger definitely made him act over the top due to his xbox controller dying due to the batteries dying and he said it was my fault and demanded that I payed for a new xbox, xbox controller and fifa game. At this point our friendship was slowly fading.

    Primary school was so much fun for me, my best friend was a boy by the name of Max and he is Italian, he has autism and he is still the nicest person that i have ever met. Everyone else was also nice and we all had a great laugh. We all played football, no one gave a shit whether you scored or not. It was a running joke that I would be expected not to score due to the fact that I literally had never scored a goal in primary school (I'm not much of a sports person). And then one day, I actually scored. Sure it may be because the goal keeper was at the half way line and there were no offsides but I still scored. Just having a load of fun was really how primary school went for me. We had our SATS and I was one of the best at maths in my year, English I did okay on. So then after primary school it was time for secondary school.

    So I'm now in secondary school. For the week that we're getting to know the school, I stay with the people from my primary school and they're still the same as before we came to here. So I assume that they've not changed much which is good. But when we come to school for official after the summer holidays, I go to the top of the bus with my "friends" and they don't really talk to me and if they do it's because they're making fun of me. I never still to this day know why they changed like this but I've come to accept that some people are just cunts. So after learning that I'm no longer friends with them, I go to my best friend max because he doesn't sit with them due to him not being comfortable with them and he is the greatest friend I could have ever wished for. He has stuck with me all the way from primary school when we first me to this day. And we still have lots to talk about. He is probably the person that I find easiest to talk to due to us having so much in common.

    In that first year of school, I found myself with some new friends, however I didn't really know how to talk to these new friends. I got the vibe that they didn't really like me in the first year. But when it came to the second year of school I found how to talk to them and they said to me how they didn't really like me before but now I'm alright. Still, I'm not that good at socialising with people even today. I do find stuff to talk about, and it interests both them and me, but I can't really keep a conversation running for long.

    That friend from way back when I first moved into the new house had now moved to his dads because his parents had split up a long time before and the air between him and his mum wasn't a friendly air so I think it was actually his mums decision to have his Dad take him because they had a really strong connection. So when he moved, our communication with each other came to a halt due to it mainly being either me or him going to each others door and saying if we wanted to come over. So I've never talked to him since, which I wish I could have talked to him due to him deep down being a really friendly guy below that hard outer shell of aggression.

    Now, the friendship with my new friends has gotten a lot better, 2 of them I'm not as close friends with due to my best friend from the group not wanting to talk to them due to him finding them annoying.

    I told my parents that for Christmas (Christmas 2017) I wanted a new computer due to mine being so slow and me needing a new one due to taking Computer Science. They got me the computer parts and I built it and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

    I'm now at my GCSE's, finished my first year where I took Geography, Computer Science, Business and Spanish and then the compulsory subjects. I think that they're going well and I hope to take A Level maths and computer science and chemistry, but not confident on what I want for my last one. My parents have been really supportive during my GCSE's and I am very grateful to have them as a part of my life, my sister isn't too annoying. Sure sometimes she is but that's with every sibling. I've got an Airedale terrier named Ben.

    And just to add in a joke: So our actual grandma has barely seen us during our development and I barely know anything about her. When it was my dads birthday, my dad invited her to have a dinner out with me, my sister and my dad, my mum doesn't like her so she didn't want to come. So "grandma" comes over and when we finish. We take her over to her bus stop and say bye to her, and she doesn't offer to pay for any of our food. And this isn't what annoyed my dad, it's not the fact that she didn't pay for him or anything, but the fact that she didn't pay for me or my sister and to top it all off she didn't even say thanks because my dad even paid for her. So we call her "fake granny".

    That's the story of my life. I'd say that from my life, I've learnt to accept that friends will leave you and you will most likely find new ones. And from those old ones, eventually you will find one that will stick around. Thanks for reading this. May not have had the huge drama that you were expecting, but I guess that I'm lucky.
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