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MCInfected 2.0 - Historical

Applied By Soup: Mar 30, 2017 at 1:48 PM

MCInfected 2.0

(Art made by Psandoval14)
MCInfected 2.0 is a gamemode similar to the Call of Duty Infected gamemode. It was originally part of the (now closed) SuperGaming server and was remade by Project Mayhem.

At the beginning, there are 60 seconds to prepare before the virus spreads. Once these seconds are up, Mother Zombies are selected randomly depending on the number of players online. Once a mother zombie has been chosen, its goal is to kill and infect the remaining humans. But, they only have 4-5 minutes to kill them all each round. Once the Mother Zombie kills a player, they become infected and try to infect the remaining humans. Humans must try to survive the round without being infected by an infected. Both infected and players don't regenerate health normally, food is required in order to do so.


Mechanics of the Game: