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Global Rules

Feb 21, 2017
Global Rules
  • The Global Rules are the rules that apply to the entirety of the Project Mayhem Server. As far as Gamemodes go, all of these rules apply as well as each of the Gamemode Specific Rules.


    1. The use of a hacked client or any unapproved mod is prohibited.

    A Hacked Client can range from many different things. Some give one or two unfair advantages to the player, some give over 100. Even though some hacks in a hacked client could not technically have an effect on the gameplay, they are still not allowed. Mods that are unapproved are as bad as using a hacked client. If you intend to use a mod on the server you must contact a staff member about it. Optifine so far is the only mod that is 100% allowed on the server. Assume that any other mod is prohibited.

    2. The use of a click altering macro is prohibited.
    An autoclicker is a device that alters the way that a player clicks their mouse. They can range anywhere from software on a computer to an actual external device that modifies the player’s click speed. All uses of any kind of autoclicker or macro is absolutely prohibited and are as frowned upon as hacked clients.

    3. Respect all other players, including the staff.
    Players are required to be as respectful as possible to all other players on the server. Some examples of disrespect are: harassment, continuously doing or saying something to annoy another; racism, using racist terms regardless if they are directed at anyone on the server; homophobic remarks, not respecting that some people have different sexual orientations by saying rude things about that; name calling, calling other people rude names to intentionally put them down.

    4. Respect the decisions of the staff team.
    The staff team are a key part of the server’s community, they are well trained in how to enforce the rules and therefore they know what they are doing. In situations where a staff member has to get involved and they make a decision, you must accept that decision. You are not allowed to go against their decision and be disrespectful by doing so, you must respect whatever choice the staff member makes. You are allowed to respectfully ask a staff member about a decision they made though.

    5. Do not abuse any bugs / exploits that you find. Report them at forum.pm-mc.com.
    Bugs are flaws in a gamemode that are not intended, exploits are bugs that can play to a player’s advantage. All bugs are to be reported to the forums and if they are abused to help the player in game on purpose, that player is breaking the rules and will be punished.

    6. Do not threaten to DDoS other players at any time.
    A DDoS is when you send many packets to another person’s IP to intentionally mess up their internet. This is a serious matter, naturally doing it is not allowed, but even threatening other players is prohibited because a matter as serious as this should not be joked about.

    7. Do not hackusate other players. Use @<message> to report them to any online staff.
    Hackers are natural on servers. When you see a hacker in game, it doesn't help whatsoever to call that player a hacker in chat. In fact, it could make things worse for a staff member watching that player. If you see a hacker please type @ then the player's username and how they are hacking so that a staff member can deal with them as soon as possible.

    8. Spamming and/or flooding the chat in any way is not allowed.
    Spamming is a chat message that is sent 3 or more times in chat in a short time period, even if the message is slightly different from the others, this is still spam. Another form of spam is flood, flood occurs when random characters or letters/numbers/symbols are typed with no apparent meaning. Neither of these forms of a chat offense are allowed in chat or in private message or “@ chat” and may result in a mute.

    9. Do not advertise anything unrelated to Project Mayhem.
    Sending unrelated links to players without their consent, sending other servers’ IPs and talking about other servers are all forms of advertisement. This is a type of chat offense that is not taken lightly. If you'd like to know whether or not a link is allowed to be sent to other players, you can always ask a staff member.

    10. Do not make any attempt to boost your stats without playing the game normally.
    Boosting your stats can come in two main forms, farming or 2 player boosting. Farming is when a player intentionally avoids the auto kick for AFK players to earn currency. 2 player boosting is when 2 players cooperate, letting one of the players kill the other for example, or by intentionally only helping one of the players to win. Both forms are prohibited under all circumstances. One example that is not allowed is in Agar.io sharing mass is considered boosting and will be dealt with.

    11. Do not ask other players for referrals if you did not refer them to the server.
    Our referral system is used to award those that bring new players to the server. Asking other players for referrals to get the rewards is not allowed if that player was not informed of the server by you.

    12. The use of an alternate account in order to evade a ban or a mute is absolutely prohibited.
    Ban and mute evasion is an extremely serious matter, if you log on to another account after your other one was banned you will be severely punished. If you get banned on an alternate account then go onto your main account it is just as bad. These situations are not taken lightly whatsoever.

    13. You are responsible for the security of your own account.
    If your minecraft account has a breach by any family member, friend or a random stranger, it still falls on you. If a rule is broken, this account will be punished, no exceptions.

    14. Do not impersonate any staff members, or youtubers.
    Trying to impersonate any staff member, or a youtuber on either the server, TeamSpeak and Forums, is not allowed and we do not take this lightly Staff members and Youtubers can be distinguished easily will the following tags: Jr Moderators will have the prefix [JrMod]. Full Moderators will have the prefix [Mod] or [SrMod]. Owners will have a prefix of either [Owner] or [Dev], these prefixes switch between each other every second. Youtubers will have the prefix of [YouTube].

    15. Offensive skins or usernames are not permitted.
    Skins that are either offensive or contain sexually explicit material are not allowed. A warning will be given on first occurrence but failure to change your skin immediately may lead to further punishments. Usernames that are either offensive or of sexual nature are not allowed. Please follow this rule or you will be banned from our servers for 30 days giving you the chance to change your username.

    16. Trolling or attempting to trick another player in any way is unacceptable.
    Trolling is going around with the sole intention of messing with other players. This also includes alt + f4 tricks, or any trick that will cause a player to leave the server/quit Minecraft. Tricking players is not allowed, whether you do it for pure entertainment, or to make room for your friend to join, you are not allowed to do it and you will be punished if caught. This also includes lying, such as saying something interesting is happening on a different server to make them leave.

    17. Targeting specific players intending to ruin their gameplay experience will not be tolerated.
    Specifically targeting a certain player or certain players constantly is not allowed. This can eventually ruin the game for these people and is absolutely prohibited. If you are targeting a player for strategic reasons such as killing a support class to easier kill the opposite team this is completely fine. If you're purposely ruining someone's gameplay experience by targeting them constantly this is essentially bullying and is a very serious matter.


    Any questions or concerns that you may have about any of the rules can be directed to any member of the staff team, either on the forums, in game via /msg or staff chat, or on TeamSpeak.
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