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McInfected 2.0 Rules

Feb 3, 2017
McInfected 2.0 Rules
  • The McInfected 2.0 Rules are rules that only apply to the gamemode of McInfected 2.0, however all of the Global Rules still apply to this gamemode.

    1. Going out of the map will not be tolerated.
    Going out of the map can happen in many ways, being hit out, swimming, finding a way out without the need to be hit, etc… All of these ways are not allowed and will have you punished. If you go out of the map on purpose and use someone else to help you get out, both players will be punished. If you are accidentally hit out of map you are required to immediately relog or get back into map by whatever means necessary. If you find an out of map spot on a map that is accessible without being hit out, please contact a staff member so that they can fix it as soon as possible.

    2. Spawn tanking, spawn shooting and spawn killing is completely prohibited.
    When zombies die and they spawn back in, they end up in the spawn, attempting to kill, attack or grenade zombies when they have just spawned in is not allowed. On most maps, moderators will be able to tell you where you can or can't tank but shooting grenades or other projectiles at zombies in the spawn tanking radius is considered spawn tanking. Most staff will give players near the radius a warning, however if you have past offenses, they are not required to warn you before taking action. First offense is a kick from the server, second and all other offenses are 24 hours.

    3. Timer lag must not be abused under any circumstances.
    Timer lag is when the timer moves slower than it should be, adding more time to the game. Abusing this lag to get more kills while tanking will have you punished, if you reach a new highest scorestreak, you risk having it reset by a senior staff member.

    4. Trolling and ruining the game play for other players is not allowed.
    Trolling comes in many forms. For example, spam clicking a trap door that is used for parkour to a spot, so that other players on your team cannot reach you, tricking other less experienced players into doing the wrong thing, and many other scenarios. All forms of trolling are not allowed. If you have a question as to whether or not something is against the rules please ask a staff member.

    5. If any type of booster is promised, the player must follow up with using that booster.
    People may promise a booster in order to get people to vote for a certain map. If for example a person asked people to vote 3 for a booster to be activated and that map wins the voting, the booster must be activated, otherwise the player who promised the booster will be punished.

    6. Having a large sized infected class block your hit box as a human is prohibited.
    On a very rare occurrence, humans will have their friend become a class like Iron golem, which is a naturally large mob, then use this to the humans advantage by standing in each other so no other infected can hit the human. If you are caught doing this you will be punished.

    7. Using an infected player to hit you out of map is not allowed.
    Having a zombie purposely hit you out of the map boundaries is not allowed. This could be either accidental, or with intent on getting hit out of map. Either way, if you are hit out of the map you must leave the server immediately, die, or return to the map as quickly as you can. Failure to follow these will result in you being punished.

    8. Using an alternate account to gain extra votes for certain maps is not allowed.
    Players may not get an alternate account on the server to gain extra votes for certain maps. If for example player "A" brings alt account "A.1" online, a certain map may get extra votes which it normally would not have gotten. If you are caught doing this continuously, you will be punished.


    Any questions or concerns that you may have about any of the rules can be directed to any member of the staff team, either on the forums, in game via /msg or staff chat, or on TeamSpeak.
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