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Prestige Perks

Jun 5, 2017
Prestige Perks
  • Infected Perks:

    zPower: 3 Prestige Tokens

    While Infected, you deal 0.25 more damage per piece of Iron Armor you opponent has.

    zDemo: 1 Prestige Token

    Gives you a random grenade when you get infected (Only when you go from Survivor to Infected).

    Survivor Perks:

    Tomahawk: 2 Prestige Tokens

    Spawn with 1 tomahawk (Iron Axe) that can be thrown when right clicked. If it hits an infected, it will deal 75% of the infected’s max health worth of damage. Once thrown, you can pick it up and use it again. It has 2 uses; every throw counts as a use.

    Final Stand: 3 Prestige Tokens

    You can respawn as a survivor once per game if you die with 60 or more seconds left.

    Feather Falling: 3 Prestige Tokens

    Gain Feather Falling IV on you boots as a survivor.

    Knockback: 3 Prestige Tokens

    Spawn with a Knockback II wooden sword as a survivor.

    Medic: 1 Prestige Token

    Spawn with 2 bandages that give other survivors Regeneration III for 5 seconds when you right click them. You will also get 1 cookie if you heal someone with 50% or less health!

    Scavenger: 4 Prestige Tokens

    Have a chance to scavenge items when you get a kill.

    Demolitionist: 1 Prestige Token

    Spawn with 1 random grenade per round as a survivor.

    Fire Mind 2.0: 2 Prestige Tokens

    Dropping your sword will create a small explosion, damaging and setting on fire nearby infected, and will let you create a trail of fire for a short time that will ignite any infected who walk into it.

    Riot Shield: 2 Prestige Tokens

    Take 0% knockback while holding a riot shield.

    Flash: 3 Prestige Tokens

    Lets you teleport to a survivor as long as there is over 60 seconds left in the game.

    Marksman: 3 Prestige Tokens

    Spawn with a Bow (3 Arrows) at rank 1. Instead of gaining more arrows at ranks 12-25, you will gain 1 starting arrow every time you rankup. As Commander (Rank 25) you will spawn with 30 arrows.

    Global Prestige Perks:

    Hardline: 2 Prestige Tokens

    Scorestreaks require 1 less score.

    Sleight of Hand: 1 Prestige Token

    Instantly drink potions. As a survivor, your sword will be instantly replaced with a diamond sword at a 25 scorestreak.

    Juggernaut: 4 Prestige Tokens

    Gain Protection II on your chestplate as a Survivor, and Protection I on your chestplate as Infected.

    Blast Shield: 1 Prestige Token

    Reduces the effects of grenades.

    Surge: 2 Prestige Tokens

    Deal 50% more damage for 2 seconds when you get a kill.

    Kevlar Vest: 2 Prestige Tokens

    Reduces projectile damage (Arrows, Fireballs, and Wither Skulls) by 30%.​
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