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Jun 5, 2017
  • [​IMG]
    Prestiging in resetting your rank and cookies. This can only be done
    once a player reaches rank 25 by spending 5000 cookies. This gives
    the player 2 prestige tokens. Once a player reaches prestige 10, rank 25,
    they may master prestige by spending 15,000 cookies.
    Prestige Symbols:
    Every prestige from 1 to 10, you gain a prestige symbol, the prestige symbols change as follows:

    Prestige Perks:
    Every time a player prestiges, they gain 2 prestige tokens. These tokens can be used on Prestige Perks. These perks will go away when the player master prestiges, unless they use a master prestige token to buy them.

    Master Prestige:
    Once a player reaches prestige 10, rank 25, they may spend 15,000 cookies to master prestige. This will reset all of the players rank, cookies, prestige perks and prestige tokens and give them 1 master prestige token. This token can be used to purchase any prestige perk of any cost, that will not reset upon master prestiging. Every time a player master prestiges, their rank and symbol gain a new color, which color is next, is only revealed once a player reaches that color. The colors change as follows:

    Master Prestige 0
    Master Prestige 1
    Master Prestige 2
    Master Prestige 3
    Master Prestige 4
    Master Prestige 5
    Master Prestige 6

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