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Mar 1, 2017
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    What is a ScoreStreak:
    Scorestreaks are counters you get during a single round of MCInfected that mark how much damage you have done to the opposing team. When you deal damage to a survivor as an infected, or vice versa, this damage is stored as a scorestreak counter and upon the death of that player. You get a value from 0.1 in decimal form based on the percentage of damage you dealt relative to other people. If you dealt the most damage you get an additional 0.1 scorestreak. You also get 0.1 scorestreak for getting the final hit before the player died.

    Scorestreak Rewards:
    Reaching the following scorestreaks will give you the following rewards whether you're infected or survivor. As an infected, your scorestreak does not go away after death.

    Survivor Scorestreak Rewards

    Infected Scorestreak Rewards

    Other Notes:
    - Upon dying and respawning with the Final Stand Perk, scorestreak does not reset
    - Upon dying and being cleansed, the scorestreak you previously had as a survivor will be reset
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