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Search and Destroy Rules

Feb 4, 2017
Search and Destroy Rules
  • The Search and Destroy Rules are rules that only apply to the gamemode Search and Destroy, however all of the Global Rules still apply to this gamemode.

    1. Offering a credit booster if a certain requirement is met must be followed through with.
    If you offer to use a credit booster when a certain map wins or something along those lines, you are required to boost, even if you don’t have any boosters, you should check before you boost. Saying into chat "vote 3 for ooster" is considered trolling and not allowed.

    2. Cross-Teaming of any kind will not be tolerated whatsoever.
    Teams are set out so that they are all against one another. You must only work with your team and not members of the other teams.

    3. Ghosting in any form is prohibited.
    Ghosting is, while a spectator, either giving away the location of an alive player to another alive player or giving an alive player information that they would not be able to find out unless they were dead or a spectator themselves. If this is done over TeamSpeak, the punishment will take effect over both the TeamSpeak server and in game.

    4. Stat boosting is completely unacceptable.
    Boosting your stats is never allowed. Whether this is farming arms, disarms, or giving teams kills, it will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    5. Sabotaging your own team will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    Sabotage is when you intentionally lessen the chances of your own team winning. This could be giving away your own team members location while you’re both alive to an enemy team member, killing your own team members attack dogs, giving away important info about your team members such as; their health, or if they’re replaced by an NPC, or blocking one of your team members from completing a certain task such as; Arming and defusing the bomb, shooting arrows or throwing enderpearls.

    6. Using an alternate account to gain extra votes for certain maps is not allowed.
    Players may use an alternate account on the server to gain extra votes for certain maps. If for example player "A" brings alt account "A.1" online, a certain map may get extra votes which it normally would not have gotten. If you are caught doing this continously, you will be punished.


    Any questions or concerns that you may have about any of the rules can be directed to any member of the staff team, either on the forums, in game via /msg or staff chat, or on TeamSpeak.
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