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TeamSpeak Rules

Feb 3, 2017
TeamSpeak Rules
  • The TeamSpeak Rules are rules that apply to anyone on the Project Mayhem TeamSpeak. These rules apply to any user on the TeamSpeak regardless of rank. Remember that even if you're only on the TeamSpeak and not the Minecraft server, the rules still apply to you.

    1. Any forms of disrespect, racism, homophobia or other discrimination will not be tolerated.
    All racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination will not be taken lightly, this offense can get you severely punished. Whether you are speaking, playing a song or any other way of putting discrimination into our teamspeak it will not be tolerated.

    2. Soundboards are not allowed whatsoever in the teamspeak.
    Soundboards that play any type of noise aside from actual music is not allowed. If they are in fact playing music, they must do so in the music room only.

    3. Music and other sounds transmitted through one’s client are to be played in the music room only.
    The music room is to listen to music, being in the music room gives all other people in that channel access to play music. If the person is playing music outside of the music room they will be punished. Players cannot complain about someone playing music in the music room. This room is also for music only, this means that using a soundboard or having your microphone transmit any other sound (excluding you talking) is not allowed

    4. Music must be played at a reasonable volume.
    Loud music can hurt people's ears, especially with some of the headsets that players have these days. All players are required to keep the volume of their music that they are playing at a respectable and safe level.

    5. Staff members’ decisions are to be respected.
    Even if you do not agree with the decision of a staff member, you must respect it. If you are able to prove that the decision was incorrect you are entitled to do so respectfully.

    6. Changing your teamspeak name to another person’s in game name is not allowed.
    To prevent people from pretending to be other people, all players are suggested to change their teamspeak name to their in game usernames but it is not required. However it is against the rules to impersonate another player, especially a staff member.

    7. Any use of the whisper function will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    Use of the whisper function is unfortunately still possible, while we work on disabling it on our server, all players are prohibited from using this feature.

    8. No advertising or spamming.
    Please keep the chat clear of links unrelated to Project Mayhem and avoid flooding the chat with spam messages

    9. If a user wishes to have a private conversation other users must respect their privacy.
    Sometimes players wish to have a private conversation about private or serious matter and wish to be alone. If a player asks another player to leave their room, they are required to leave their room to have a private conversation. However, a private conversation should consist of a maximum of 4 users. Anything higher would be considered penalizing or isolating the user being asked to leave and this becomes disrespect. Players must also be courteous and respectful when asking a player to leave.

    10. Changing your teamspeak name to anything disrespectful, racist, etc will not be tolerated.
    Any player with a disrespectful name will be asked to change their name, if the player refuses to change their name they will be punished. Any names that contain disrespectful, vulgar, homophobic language or swear words are considered disrespectful. As a guideline, try to always have your TeamSpeak name the same as your Minecraft Username.


    Any questions or concerns that you may have about any of the rules can be directed to any member of the staff team, either on the forums, in game via /msg or staff chat, or on TeamSpeak.
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