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Time Is Money Factions Rules

Feb 4, 2017
Time Is Money Factions Rules
  • The Time Is Money Factions Rules are rules that only apply to the gamemode Time Is Money Factions, however all of the Global Rules still apply to this gamemode.


    1. Your faction is your responsibility.

    Only invite people into the faction that you trust, they can easily and legally help another faction from the inside of yours. This is your fault, do not invite a player to your faction if you don’t trust them with this responsibility.

    2. Tricking new players into enabling pvp or following them until the pvp timer ends is prohibited.
    When new players join the server they want to try to start playing, if you purposely target them for an easy kill you will be severely punished.

    3. Specific rules set out for pvp fights in the pvp arena must be followed at all times.
    If you are going in a fight that is in the PvP arena you are allowed to create custom rules. If it’s a 1v1, it must remain a 1v1. If there are no potions or golden apples, all players must follow these rules, otherwise the people breaking them will be punished.

    4. Tricking players into teleporting to you or allowing you to teleport to them is unacceptable.
    Asking to teleport to a player and killing them is unacceptable. Tricking them into teleporting to you then killing them is just as bad. As well as having them follow you out of spawn so that you may kill them. If a player thinks you’re being peaceful with a teleport request, and you agree to be peaceful, you must do so.

    5. Trying to trick people into bidding on items that aren’t what they seem is prohibited.
    Auctions are set out so that player may sell items that aren’t in the shop. Trying to trick other players into bidding on something when it’s not something they actually want is unacceptable. For example, if a player told someone they was selling an enchanted golden apple and they bought it, but they actually sold a regular golden apple, this would be a violation of this rule. If you trick someone into bidding instantly in order to do a quick trade and you give them the wrong item, this is also a violation.

    6. Scamming players with trades will not be tolerated.
    If you say you will trade something for another quantity of items or cash, you must pay up on your end of the deal if they pay their end. You may of course cancel the deal if no party in the trade has given payment to the other and you may also cancel the deal if you return the payment given to you.


    Any questions or concerns that you may have about any of the rules can be directed to any member of the staff team, either on the forums, in game via /msg or staff chat, or on TeamSpeak.
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